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For a whole year, starting in March of 2015, I worked on the SS America non-stopped. I limited my entertainment excursions, ate dinner in my car on my way home from work. All to save time. I was just that determined to get this thing done and out of my house. It was starting to be like an uninvited guest.

Below are all my facebook updates that I posted starting from present going to back to March 2015. During that whole year, I added over 140,000 toothpicks to the upper sections of the ship. My original estimate was 3 months to completion. I was about 9 months late. It is a real toothpick timeline!
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Looking forward

Autorized personal ONLY!

after deck

Shuffleboard anyone?...

Empty davits waiting for lifeb...

wing bridge

A closer look at the wingbridg...

bow view

constructing the wingbridge

close up

building the bridge

Looks almost like a rooster, b...

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