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For a whole year, starting in March of 2015, I worked on the SS America non-stopped. I limited my entertainment excursions, ate dinner in my car on my way home from work. All to save time. I was just that determined to get this thing done and out of my house. It was starting to be like an uninvited guest.

Below are all my facebook updates that I posted starting from present going to back to March 2015. During that whole year, I added over 140,000 toothpicks to the upper sections of the ship. My original estimate was 3 months to completion. I was about 9 months late. It is a real toothpick timeline!
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port bridge

Rough paint job

wingbridge and new portholes

messy foredeck

Building the prominade walls

getting ready to paint the por...

building the bridge

Putting the railing on

viewing the deckplans

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