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For a whole year, starting in March of 2015, I worked on the SS America non-stopped. I limited my entertainment excursions, ate dinner in my car on my way home from work. All to save time. I was just that determined to get this thing done and out of my house. It was starting to be like an uninvited guest.

Below are all my facebook updates that I posted starting from present going to back to March 2015. During that whole year, I added over 140,000 toothpicks to the upper sections of the ship. My original estimate was 3 months to completion. I was about 9 months late. It is a real toothpick timeline!
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unwrapping the ship

Black Couch Gallery

10 empty gallons of Titebon II...

Me with ship in the van ready ...

ship in the van

Getting ready to take this thi...

here we go....

Could not quite get it down th...

It was raining, and that van r...

ready for moving

wrapping it up for exhibit


I must have a screw lose for d...

machine deck

machine deck

cross section view

them davits

deck plans


wing bridge

more deck plans

after booms and cargo hatches

top of 2nd stack

The very first lifeboat in pro...

crows nest

looking aft
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